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About Us

       Hi this is Company – PerfectoRemodel corp. we are located in Huntington Station (New York) 11746.. This company was founded more than 15 years ago with the dream to make reality people ideas and do it Perfect every project. first we put customer satisfaction, happiness and focused in our goal to give the touch of beauty in every detail of your house work. We have thousand of testimonial for our work done.


     we really appreciate for the interest to visit our website and check evidence of this truthful property improvement company. COMMERCIAL OR RESIDENTIAL WORK


full licence and insured :

  • 08 31 19   nassau licence 47431-H
  • 05 01 18  suffolk licence  H0305700000
  • 2/28/2019  NYC licence #  2050066-DCA   /    sale-2050069

10 east 19th street , huntington station NY 11746


Complete basement work

       if you have an empty or full of things in your basement and you want to organize. we have the solution for any division, we make flooring, drop ceiling, walls and  more. there are different prices to choose in basement design. we can show you sample of finished basements so you have some idea how your place is going to look.


Bathroom and kitchen

The most popular part of the house where anybody can see details are in our kitchen and bathroom. we make it fantastic, all shiny and elegant.
it’s time to do it right and forget all kind of worrysome about it. we make it Perfect and bathroom work is not easy for some people but for us, bathroom or kitchen is easy.

if you want to live well, call me to show you some work that we have done it.

Roofing and Siding

if you have emergency or not even an emergency , you just want to change your aspect of your house. you came to the exact place , our work is %100 guaranteed, well done and  you have our number of PerfectoRemodel to call me anytime. when your shingle roof is new, your house look nice otherwise is not great. and the other hand, if you change the siding of your house, perhaps you pass and not even notice that is your house. anyway there is no leaks in the roofing, no bad work in siding and much more… you choose your material and we install it quickly.


Masonry :

the look of your house is important, we make it elegant and people will say wow

beautiful brick , concrete driveways , sidewalks, stucco, nice entrance and much more

everything that is done with cement , sand, brick, blocks, stones, concrete, we are the king.

When one day you wake up and say to yourself, I am going change the look of my house, just do it your way . it’s your decision, your idea, your money and nobody it should stop you. big and beautiful space, patio, meeting place is only done by your vision and what you have in mind we build it, give it a touch of more ideas and make a reality. you will talk with the right person of construction, a builder, a handyman, and your friend.


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