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                We at COMPLETE MASONRY SERVICES, PERFECTOREMODEL CORP.  direct constant attention to a total service concept blending past experience with present day realities. Our very best professional service is always being directed toward the solutions of our client’s problem.

             The goal of COMPLETE MASONRY SERVICES,PERFECTOREMODEL CORP. . is to perform our masonry services in a complete manner with efficiency, economy and the highest level of quality. COMPLETE MASONRY SERVICES does mean “COMPLETE MASONRY.”

   Complete Masonry Services specializes in all types of commercial and residential construction. We provide and install facebrick, limestone, granite and concrete masonry units.

     Stone Walls and Veneers—Constantly working with stone, a masonry contractor knows how to manipulate the material to fit any design and look. They can also help answer questions you might have about the relative pros and cons for natural stone, engineered stone, and stone veneers for your specific project and budget.

         Stone or Brick Siding; One of the first masonry projects (indeed, one of the earliest methods of home building), brick and stone siding is essentially the same thing used to build the pyramids. Needless to say, the Egyptian icons are a strong endorsement for this siding’s durability.

     Fireplaces—More than just a hole in the wall where you can burn wood, these contractors can create a true hearth for your home. Arguably, no other place in the home shows a greater difference between authentic brick or stone masonry work and cheap imitations.

Patios – Walkways – Driveways —we can transform your yard into a connected whole and give you more living space. More than just these common projects, many other stone landscaping projects can add value and curb appeal to your property.        

        We also provide masonry restoration and cleaning of existing facilities. We are well versed in all facets of the masonry industry and have an experienced and professional group – perfectoremodel corp. 

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